Cookie Policy

Aiwaii collects data about user behaviour on our digital platforms. The collected data is used to improve the user experience and communication for our users. The data is collected, among other ways, through cookies, which at any time can be erased or blocked in the users’ internet settings.
What is a cookie?
A cookie is a text file, stored on the user’s computer, smartphone or tablet. Aiwaii uses these cookies to collect statistics about, the users’ demographics and behaviour on the website. This includes information regarding, amount of visits on the website, which pages are visited, age, gender, geography and other types of interactions with the website. A cookie is in no way harmful or dangerous for your computer or device, and cannot identify you as an individual person.
How long are cookies stored?
Cookies are stored for varying periods of time, from the time of your first visit to the website. If the website is visited again, the period is extended, but cookies are automatically deleted after they expire. Read more about deleting or blocking cookies below.
Deletion of cookies
You will always have the right to delete cookies that you have previously accepted, at any given time. You can see how by clicking on the relevant link below:
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices
Phones with Android software
Phones with Windows 7
Flash cookies (all browsers)
The above instructions are links to the web browser suppliers. Aiwaii can therefore not be held responsible in the event that these instructions are incorrect or out of date. 
Cookies on
Aiwaii’s website uses third-party cookies. These are used to varying degrees and includes the following:

Cookie name Duration Purpose
__kla_id 2 years Tracks when someone clicks through our email to our website.
KL_FORMS_MODAL 2 years Tracks when someone subscribes to our newsletter through our subscription form.
klaClosedPopup 2 years Cookie set by Klaviyo to flag if the popup is closed.
_ga 2 years Used to distinguish users.
_gid 24 hours Used to distinguish users.
_ga_(container-id) 2 years Used to persist session state.
_gat 1 minute Used to throttle request rate.
_gali 30 sec Used to determine which links on a page that are being clicked.
Blocksy_cookies_consent_accepted 1 day Saves your Cookie Consent answer, so that you are not asked every time you visit the page, on the same day.
woocommerce_cart_hash Session Helps WooCommerce determine when cart contents/data changes.
woocommerce_items_in_cart Session Helps WooCommerce determine when cart contents/data changes.
wp_woocommerce_session_ 2 days Contains a unique code for each customer so that it knows where to find the cart data in the database for each customer.
tk_ai Session Stores a randomly-generated anonymous ID. This is only used within the dashboard (/wp-admin) area and is used for usage tracking, if enabled.
wordpress_test_cookie Session Tests that the browser accepts cookies.
Mailchimp_landing_site 4 weeks Used to store which page was visited first.
_fbc 2 years Used to store last visit.
_fbp 3 months Used to store and track visits across websites.

If you do not want cookies stored on your electronic device, you can at any time delete them.

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Aiwaii’s Cookie Policy last updated 23.04.21