What is hanbok?

Hanbok is traditional Korean clothing, which used to be worn during the Joseon dynasty period in Korea. Nowadays, this type of clothing is more commonly used for special occasions such as weddings, the celebration of babies’ first birthdays, during the Lunar New Year, and the like. Many brands have throughout the years re-designed the hanbok to better suit contemporary fashion to encourage people to wear it more often in their daily lives.

The clothing composition of the hanbok differs depending on gender. The hanbok for women consists of two parts: a jeogori and a chima. A jeogori is a shirt or a jacket while a chima is a skirt or a dress. The men’s hanbok consists of a jeogori and a baji. A baji is a pair of baggy trousers or pants.

All the parts are usually sold separately so that you can have the possibility to mix and match your modern hanbok according to your personal style. Enjoy your shopping!

How to wear hanbok:
In the videos, seen below, is a guidance on how to wear modern hanbok.

How to tie the outer ribbon on hanbok

How to wear modern hanbok skirt