About Aiwaii

Aiwaii is an online clothing store based in Denmark, selling unique clothing from Asia. It is clothing representing the traditional Asian lifestyle but made contemporary for everyday use and more. Currently, these types of clothing are more accessible in Asia, which was how the inspiration behind our concept came about; to bring it to Europe. In doing so, we hope to promote Asian culture and aspire to more diversity in Europe.
Our goal is to bring Asian brands into the European market. Thus, the name Aiwaii is inspired by as well as composed of different languages in Asia. Ai is the Chinese, Japanese as well as Vietnamese word for love. Waii does not have any particular meaning but stems from the word Kawaii, which is the Japanese word for cute. Together the two words constitute our brand Aiwaii, which represents love and cuteness. The pronunciation of Aiwaii is similar to the word Hawaii, replacing the ha with ai.
Aiwaii wants to make it easy for Europeans to buy products from Asia without getting the surprise of various fees that might occur when shopping outside of EU borders. We are hoping to expand our assortment in the future. If you desire some specific products from Asia, please feel free to contact us regarding that and we will consider your suggestion. Thank you!